We are a group of Architects and Landscape Architects specialising in original, crafted and carefully considered design responses to projects across all sectors. We are a family business, based in the heart of the Cotswolds for over 20 years, drawing on a wide range of experience, skills and expertise within our practice.

Austin Design Works is led by siblings Rachael and Matthew Austin, for whom these trades are something of a family tradition. Their grandfather, Charles Austin, was an architect by profession; his son David Austin followed in his footsteps and, after more than 20 years running a practice in Sussex, went on to found David Austin & Associates in Nailsworth in 2002. In turn, Matthew and Rachael Austin, co-founders of Austin Design Works, have evolved the family practice to incorporate landscape architecture as well as architecture at its core. 

With David’s design studio just a few steps away from the family home Rachael and Matthew grew up with architecture, enjoying a carefree childhood surrounded by the activities of building and creating. A further influence was their mother Elly, a gardener and teacher by profession, who instilled a deep appreciation of plants, nature and the environment from a young age. From this background their drawing and model-making skills evolved and expanded until architecture and landscape design became their inevitable vocations.

Austin Design Works has been established to continue the legacy of David Austin & Associates into a new era, with an enthusiastic and friendly team who share their passion for good design.


Team Profiles


Peter Fletcher - matthew.jpg

Architect BA (Hons), Dip Arch, PGDip Arch Cons, RIBA, ARB

“My passion is design and how we communicate our process with our clients, I believe in engaging equally with the technical, aesthetic and managerial aspects of each project and I prize every opportunity to make a real difference for our clients.”


Landscape Architect BA (Hons), Dip LA, CMLI, AA Tech Cert

“I believe that landscape can have a hugely beneficial impact on our sense of well-being and I enjoy creating places that allow people to appreciate the details of their surroundings and connect with the changing of the seasons.”


Architect BA (Hons), BArch, RIBA




BA (Hons), Dip Arch RIBA, ARB

“I believe that designs should respond organically to the unique situation of their site. As well as meeting their practical requirements buildings should resonate with the spirit of their occupants and place, and remain at one with the environment which surrounds them”.


BA (Hons), Dip Arch, RIBA, ARB

“I am keen to create spaces which are both environmentally responsible and have a positive impact on the people using them. My particular interest lies in the selection and detailing of materials and building systems which are both ecological and healthy.”


BA (Hons), PGDip Arch, RIBA, ARB

“I have always been interested in the relationship between built form and the landscape, and the ways these can interact.”


BA (Hons), MArch, RIBA Part II

“I believe design should centre on people in order to create a harmony between person and place.”


BA (Hons), MArch, RIBA Part II



BA (Hons), RIBA Part I

“As a keen photographer, I am always aware of the interplay of light and how this affects the feel of a space. Design should be practical in nature yet always allow for a playfulness of spirit”.


BA (Hons), RIBA Part I



BA (Hons)

“I am very happy to be working in a creative environment. My aims are to enable the smooth running of the practice by embedding efficient business processes behind the scenes. Using strong people skills I look forward to supporting the development of my colleagues to achieve their creative and professional potential".