During this exciting stage, what have been ideas on paper take shape in reality. Our main role at this stage is to administer the contract. This means we have an equal responsibility to our client and the contractor, to ensure fairness on both sides and a smooth build process. 

We will work together to answer any questions and solve design issues which might arise on site, chair regular progress meetings between the client and contractor, keeping up to date with any changes which might result in changes to  the project value or the timescale. 

At completion of the building works we will check that all approvals are in place including building control, before confirming the works are ready for use and the contract has been fulfilled.

The project is then handed over to the client and a settling in period allows for any glitches to be ironed out and the final account will be settled once these have been fixed.

SF Build.jpg

St. Francis - Build

BH Build.jpg

Briery Hall - Build



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