Other professionals, such as structural and services engineers and cost consultant, join the project at this stage. With their technical input the scheme design can be developed for construction. This process begins with establishing targets for performance, methods of building and agreeing the best way to achieve results. From here we generate detailed technical drawings showing how the built elements come together and what each part is made of, supported by written specifications, and schedules of finishes and fixtures. Decisions will be made during this stage over where our clients’ budget is invested, considering the quality of finishes against the priorities of space and hidden infrastructure such as drainage and electrical wiring.

Documents produced during this stage can be pulled together as a package which can be put out for pricing and building control, often supported by a bill of quantities from the cost consultant.

We usually obtain three prices for comparison, and provide our recommendations of who will provide the service which best suits the project. 

SF Detail.jpg

St. Francis - Detail

BH Detail.jpg

Briery Hall - Detail



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