Process Overview 

We follow industry standard procedures and you can be confident that the way we work and the processes we follow will deliver a level of quality and control for you from the very start to the final delivery of your project. The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), with whom we are a Chartered Practice, and the Landscape Institute (LI), with whom we are Registered Practice, both set out a series of work stages which projects follow from inception to completion. Where possible we like to offer a full service which allows us work with you throughout all of these stages, however where appropriate we can tailor the scope of our services to suit your project.

We have summarised our process over the following pages, illustrating some of the types of information we might provide at each point.

The RIBA and LI both offer useful information for prospective clients, including advice on working with design professionals and guidance on what you can expect us to deliver, alongside the work stages mentioned above. The RIBA guide to Working with an Architect provides an outline of the Architectural design process for prospective clients.




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