NPPF55 Permission granted with solar cloth

Green Lane, Gloucestershire 

The use of the solar cloth material on the proposed 740m2 home near Milbury Heath in south Gloucestershire would be a first for a domestic building in the UK.

The scheme was approved under Paragraph 55 of the National Planning Policy Framework allowing standalone homes in green belt areas under special circumstances - namely when the scheme is of exceptional and highly innovative design. 

In addition to the photovoltaic cloth, the five-bedroom Passivhaus home also has a biomass heating scheme, using wood chips from the owner’s recycling business to heat a swimming pool and provide hot water to five neighbouring homes.

A report by planners at South Gloucestershire Council said that ‘the combination of the use of locally distinct materials and detailing into such forms and delivery of a zero carbon dwelling (incorporating new PV and energy storage technology), that also exports heat to adjoining dwellings is certainly truly innovative in South Gloucestershire if not wider’.

As well as designing the scheme, Austin Design Works has provided landscape architectural consultancy.