Horsley Play Project

near Stroud, Gloucestershire

The Horsley Play Project is now open after 6 years of planning! Some local mums first dreamed up the idea in 2010. The old play park needed updating and was mostly for younger children. There wasn’t a picnic area either, or any seating for that matter! The Horsley Play Project secured significant funding to build the park. Now children of all ages can enjoy it, and adults can sit and socialise. One of the mums on the project is an architect and designed the space. Greenfields were pleased to work on this project with Austin Design Works, alongside Horsley Parish Council, Valley Forestry, Stone Supplies Cotswolds, Travis Perkins, Valley Trading and the volunteers of Horsley village.

The Horsley Play Project has created a lot of interest across the county with parents from other villages talking about creating similar projects a special feature on BBC Gloucestershire. (Stroud News & Journal covered this story when the work began and has a picture showing what the playground used to look like).