ecotricity offices

Ecotricity purchased this mid-C20th office building to accommodate their quickly expanding business, to provide a public interface and strong brand identity in the heart of Stroud.

The building’s core structure and circulation was retained and re-faced to present a crisp modern façade, opened up at street level with large curved glass walls inviting visitors into its reception helpdesk, gallery space and meeting area.  Access has been improved with the introduction of a lift connecting open-plan office areas, meeting rooms and staff facilities on three storeys. Glass internal walls draw light in from the central courtyard, and engender a sense of openness and shared identity among staff. Solar panels cover the roof, insulation and shading has been substantially upgraded, and new energy-efficient services installed throughout.

These offices continue to serve as Ecotricity’s front-of-house as they continue to grow their success as a leading renewable energy provider.