Dating from the 16th century this property has been brought back from a state of near dereliction to the beautifully restored collection of buildings and gardens there today. The works undertaken by our practice have included a full renovation of the farmhouse through both careful restoration of historic features and a comprehensive upgrade to provide a comfortable modern family home. Outbuildings around the yard have been converted to provide further living space and indoor swimming pool, connected to the house by a contemporary glass link. Nearby stables have been converted to guest accommodation, and a historic wagon shed restored as a home office.

Extensive landscape works have connected the home with its surroundings and elevated its presence. A sunken Italianate garden brings tranquillity against a backdrop of orchards and lakes, creating a beautiful setting to the front of the house. Formal courtyard gardens are planted with rose, lavender and herbaceous borders and a belvedere terrace presents views across the valley. Tennis courts have been discretely introduced and new farm buildings added to house rare breed cattle. We worked closely with conservation officers to agree a scheme of restoration and carefully considered intervention backed by archival research and site survey. Collaborating with highly skilled craftsmen helped to ensure delivery of work to the highest standards.