rainbow barn

Rainbow Barn is a previously converted Cow shed and Barn which separated the living accommodation across the two buildings, with one primarily used for guest accommodation. Nestled in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Rainbow Barn is situated adjacent to an Aerodrome from which the clients conduct their wing-walking business. The building was in a state of near dereliction 20 years ago, but has since been gradually converted into a dwelling. Other ancillary buildings have been constructed on the site, including a Garden Room, Walled Garden with Potting Shed, Glasshouse and a store, all set within a Cotswold Drystone wall.

The design brief for this project requested an internal link between the two outbuildings to form the new entrance lobby, acting as a wind buffer within the exposed site and offering a direct connection to a courtyard garden on entry to the home. A second extension was also created to provide a larger Kitchen and Dining area, reconfiguring the living spaces and providing a generous bedroom suite in the roof space. Finished in Cotswold Stone, Oak Frame and replica Cotswold Stone tiles, the extensions match the existing property and barn vernacular in both material finish and form, sat within beautifully landscaped gardens.